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E42 Onboards Care by Tech as a Strategic Partner in the UK and European Region

India. May. 29, 2023: E42, an AI and NLP-powered no-code Cognitive Process Automation (CPA) platform, has joined forces withCare by Techan IT consulting services provider based in the UK with expertise in B2B sales, marketing, product implementation, and advisory services for European markets. The partnership will help both partners deliver best-in-class AI and NLP-powered automation solutions to enterprises across the region.


Navigating Sales and Marketing Strategies in the Dynamic European Market

India. May. 15, 2023: The European market is diverse and intricate, offering businesses many opportunities and challenges in sales and marketing. With its rich cultural tapestry, economic variations, and evolving consumer behaviors, understanding how to penetrate and thrive in the European market effectively requires a well-crafted strategy that embraces local nuances while maintaining a global perspective.